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The BIG AF Chocolate Chip Cookie

Our cookies are not too sweet, soft and chewy, and Absolutely Fabulous! They are made with the freshest, highest quality ingredients we can buy. Mrs. Joy has worked on perfecting her cookie recipes for nearly 9 years and is very pleased to finally be able to share these treats with the whole country.

The BIG AF Lemon Cookie

The BIG AF Cookie is close to 6” across. The prebaked weight is at least 5.5 ounces. New cookies are added to the list once a month. There are also seasonal special flavors that come and go. Make sure you come back and visit often. Thank you for Choosing Joy!

PLEASE NOTE: We bake your order the same day they are put in the mail. If you don’t plan on sharing/eating your cookies as soon as you get them, we recommend putting them in the freezer as soon as you get them to preserve the taste because we don’t use preservatives.

The BIG AF Oatmeal Craisin Walnut Cookie
Delish AF Caramels
Big AF German Chocolate Turtles

These aren’t your average turtle. They are ginormous! Our Tortoises are loaded with expertly crafted, fresh caramel and toasted pecans and dipped in delicious chocolate that’s not too milk and not too dark. These Tortoises are truly Absolutely Fabulous!